The Band

The Smiths was formed in the year of 1982 in Manchester by Steven Patrick Morrissey and Johnny Marr.

In the beginning of 1983 the line-up was:

In 1986 Craig Gannon joined The Smiths for a short time (guitars, 1986 – 1986). He is known as ‘the 5th Smith’.

The Smiths signed a “single” record-deal with the small and independent record company Rough Trade, though they could have chosen a bigger company like EMI.

They recorded their first single “Hand In Glove” (Rough Trade RT 131) in ’83, and it was the start of a huge success.

Since then, every step the band took, every word that was spoken, could be read in the British music-press; Melody Maker and NME (New Musical Express).

The single “Hand In Glove” was re-recorded in 1984 with Sandie Shaw on vocals, and was, like all the other singles of The Smiths, a hit.

Before The Smiths split up in 1987, they recorded four studio albums and a huge number of singles.

A live album, “Rank” (Rough Trade RT 131), was released in 1988.