Shoplifters of the World Unite

"Shoplifters of the World Unite" was released in January 1987. The single reached No. 12 in the UK Singles Chart.

As with most of the Smiths' singles, it was not included on a studio album. It is featured on the compilation albums The World Won't Listen, Louder Than Bombs, Singles, and The Sound of The Smiths.

Morrissey live, Copenhagen 2014

During an interview in 1987 with Shaun Duggan, Morrissey said about the song, that it does not literally mean picking up a loaf of bread or a watch and sticking it in your coat pocket. It's more or less spiritual shoplifting, cultural shoplifting, taking things and using them to your own advantage.

The cover of the single is a picture of Elvis Presley. This text is taken from Go to the wiki-site here and read more.