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Hand in Glove

The single “Hand in Glove” was The Smiths’ debut single and it was released in May 1983 on the independent record label “Rough Trade”. The song was written by Johnny Marr and Morrissey.

The cover of the 7″ single “Hand in Glove”

The single peaked at No. 3 on the UK Indie Chart but did not make the top 75 on the official “main” chart. It appears on the debut album, “The Smiths” released in 1984.

7″, Rough Trade RT 131
“Hand in Glove” – 2:58
“Handsome Devil” (Recorded live, Manchester Hacienda, 4/2/83) – 2:53

12″ Version with Sandie Shaw, Rough Trade RTT 130
“Hand in Glove” – 2:58
“I Don’t Owe You Anything” – 4:06
“Jeane” – 2:52